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Ultimately, the dimensions of wellness all fall into two broader categories, being mental and physical. This is critical to note, as the mental or emotional component is often overlooked as focus on such main staples as physical fitness and chronic disease risk factors. In order to achieve a state of wellness in our own lives or try to guide others to it, we must pay due diligence to each of the dimensions. We may not all be physically fit or free from disease; we can, however, strive for increased wellness by working with what we’ve been dealt.

Nice article. Just want to add some of my thoughts, though. As a Christian, the common argument I hear from non-Christians on why they don’t like Christianity is its “emphasis” on the cross. Who wants to suffer in this life? Who wants to deny himself? And yet, these are the very foundations of Christian discipleship. What they miss out on is the fact that the story of Jesus does not end with the Crucifixion. Christian discipleship does not end with self-denial and sacrifice. It ends with the glory of Easter and Christ’s resurrection. Our story as Christian disciples does not end in this life of self-denial: rather, it begins in the glorious Easter of our own lives in our own personal resurrection in heaven.

Topics on definition essay writings

topics on definition essay writings


topics on definition essay writingstopics on definition essay writingstopics on definition essay writingstopics on definition essay writings