Restaurant descriptive essay

In the fall of 2008 as the business was becoming too large for their current space. Paul, the majority owner, started talking with Bill Schneider. Bill is former bar and restaurant owner of 15 years. Impressed with the potential this young company has being successful, Bill decided to become a partner. Together the four re-organized the company and relocated a larger location in West St Paul with twice the amount of usable work space. Northern Restaurant Equipment strives to become the equipment dealer Twin Cities and Minnesota business owners rely on. With our combined 52+ years of food industry service , Northern Restaurant Equipment is dedicated to building long standing quality relationships with you-Because you deserve it! Give us a call at 651-528-7088 or come see our showroom 153 E. Thompson Ave. Suite 107 West Saint Paul, Minnesota 55118.

Finishing all the dim sum brings me contentment, and my eyelids becoming heavier, it is the time for me to go back. “Let me pay the bill!” “No, no, no, it’s my turn, I will pay it.” Two man are standing in front of the cashier, arguing who should be the one paying the bill. The man use one hand to obstruct his friend from paying, and giving cashes to the waitress by another hand. Facing this situation, the waitress is not astonished because it is a kind of manner for Chinese to pay the bill for their friends. The competition ends a moment later and it is my turn. “Tat, tat, tat” The waitress enter the information quickly into the computer and the final price appear in front of me. By the time I leaved, the Chinese restaurant still in a huge crowd; luckily I can come out from the restaurant without becoming sardine.

Restaurant descriptive essay

restaurant descriptive essay


restaurant descriptive essayrestaurant descriptive essayrestaurant descriptive essayrestaurant descriptive essay