Relationship marketing master thesis

We don’t believe in overpromising—if you’re looking for a marketing agency that will tell you they have the magic formula, one that will immediately cure all current marketing ailments – then we’re not the right partner for you. In fact, the marketplace and technology is in constant motion, so a one-size-fits-all quick fix is unrealistic. It takes a process of continuous multi-channel assessment (both internal and external), path to purchase testing and analysis, and then constant re-evaluation of the process to have a successful Relationship Marketing program. Our continuous learning process involves continuous research– because our culture is to stay abreast of best practices and we believe it’s important to learn from others. We successfully incorporate that approach when we develop case studies on the success and failure of numerous marketing initiatives of other companies.

LIM functions around the premise that marketing or advertising agencies go out on behalf of the brand in question and find its target demographic. From that point forward avenues such as sponsorship or direct product placement and sampling are explored. Unlike traditional event marketing, LIM suggests that end-users will sample the product or service in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The idea behind this technique is that the end-user will have as positive as possible an interaction with the given brand thereby leading to word-of-mouth [16] communication and potential future purchase. If the success of traditional event and experiential marketing is shared with LIM, then it could indicate a lucrative and low-cost means of product promotion. However, this means of advertising is still in its infancy and more research is required to determine the true success of such campaigns. The first company to explicitly offer LIM services was Hostival Connect in late 2010.

Relationship marketing master thesis

relationship marketing master thesis


relationship marketing master thesisrelationship marketing master thesisrelationship marketing master thesisrelationship marketing master thesis