Pearl harbor and 9 11 essays

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day seeks to honor the victims of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, an American Naval Station.  The attack is often cited as the catalyst for American involvement in the Second World War, given that President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on Japan the following day.

At 8am on December 7th, 1941, without prior warning, the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service attacked a Naval Station at Pearl Harbor, located on Oahu, Hawaii.  The base was attacked by 353 Japanese fighter planes. In total, 2,403 people perished, another 1,178 were injured, four . Navy battleships were sunk and 188 aircrafts were destroyed.  The aim of the attack was to immobilize the . Pacific Fleet, which would allow Japan to advance into Malaya and Dutch East Indies.  On August 23, 1994, the United States Congress passed Public Law 103-308 to designate December 7 of each year as the National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

The battleship USS Missouri returned to it’s Ford Island berth after 12 weeks of repairs in dry dock at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. The ship began the repair work, that cost about $18 million, on Oct. 14, 2009. The replacement of hull plates and the installation of a $1 million dehumidifying unit as well as regular maintenance and painting were part of the work done by shipyard workers. The “Mighty Mo” will be prepared to welcome visitors again, and is expected to have a formal grand reopening on January 30, 2010.

The Bowfin is known for having sunk a total of 44 Japanese ships and was one of the most sophisticated submarines produced by the US during World War II. Volunteers stationed in the various compartments explain how all the equipment and polished brass was used. You can wander around the ship at will or climb the command tower and gain a 360-degree view of Pearl Harbor through a periscope. Many photographs and other memorabilia illustrate life aboard a submarine, both on friendly patrols and in wartime situations. Also in the collection is the Kaiton, a World War II Japanese suicide manned torpedo. A variety of torpedos and the conning tower of another historic submarine complete the exterior collection.

Pearl harbor and 9 11 essays

pearl harbor and 9 11 essays


pearl harbor and 9 11 essayspearl harbor and 9 11 essayspearl harbor and 9 11 essayspearl harbor and 9 11 essays