Industrial safety research papers

Description: The book interprets and simplifies the current thinking of the world's leading safety management experts. Written by a safety professional, who has a rich background in industrial safety practices, training and consulting, the book draws on the valuable lessons learnt post major disasters such as the Flixborough, Basel, Mexico City, Three Mile Island, Seveso, Chernobyl, Aberfan, San Carlos, Oppau, Texas City and the worst of all the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Besides, it incorporates the most common, everyday routine injuries and accidents that could be avoided with a little attention and care for detail. The book is meant for safety professionals, line managers, trainers, HR professionals and heads of industrial establishments. From identification of common potential hazards, associated with entry into a confined space, falls and slips, electrocution, uncontrolled release of hazardous energies, material handling, disposal of waste materials, working with tractors, forklifts, gas cylinders and corrosive substances- the book is a repository of experiences, hazards and lapses. It includes materials that can be used for training and development of workers and professionals. Most exclusively, it contains in-depth case histories, often true, unfortunate incidents on thoroughly investigated and properly analysed Surveillance Findings and Investigative Case Reports.

To ensure safety every day, our first focus is to create a culture of high standards. This means working in accordance with specific rules and technical standards. To establish them, we have increased the number of working groups with our peers to exchange best practices and know-how. This safety collaboration was particularly active in 2010 after the Macondo blowout in the Gulf of Mexico, which led the entire industry to review its procedures.

We can also limit risks by performing inspections. Our installations undergo safety inspections throughout their entire life cycle. Monitoring involves verifying compliance with our operating procedures. Drills are regularly carried out to ensure that our maintenance work and inspections are effective. In addition, we continuously monitor the expertise of all of Total's players, in every region and sector, from production to processing to distribution.

Lastly, to continuously improve our performance, we need to create a safety culture . By distributing the rules to as many people as possible, raising awareness among staff about safety issues, increasing training and offering effective tools, we are investing in safety every day so that it becomes an integral part of our working habits.

Industrial safety research papers

industrial safety research papers


industrial safety research papersindustrial safety research papersindustrial safety research papersindustrial safety research papers