Hamlet tragic flaws essay

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Hard to say. I used to use this structure as my bible but I felt some of the comparisons I was getting back were very simplistic. Basically some students were only pointing out obvious similarities but failing to comment on subtle differences between the texts. As long as you bear in mind that subtle differences matter every bit as much as similarities, you should be fine to use this structure. This example might also help (it’s cultural context rather than theme but the same basic principles apply) http:///2013/12/sample-comparative-link/

‘Death of a Salesman’ is ultimately a testament to the dangers of the American Dream. Traditionally, the American Dream meant that anybody could achieve success through hard work and dedication. However, Willy places such pressure on himself that the American Dream becomes a nightmare, and forces him into further trouble. Willy wants to give off the impression that he is successful, and ironically, this makes him less successful. His spending is beyond his income, pushing him further into debt. He also refuses the job with Charley, even though that would have provided him with some financial security.

Hamlet tragic flaws essay

hamlet tragic flaws essay


hamlet tragic flaws essayhamlet tragic flaws essayhamlet tragic flaws essayhamlet tragic flaws essay