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Such observation and the existing situation made the researcher inspired and to explore the situation and identify the causes, and consequences of rural urban migration to Wolaita Soddo town .So that, this study provides much information and then make recommendation on the cause and effects of rural urban migration towards the town and why people choose the town to relocate their residence either temporarily or permentally ? What pull/push factors are responsible? Etc will be some of the question will be raised by the researcher. And the research findings will be contributing its own part in the knowledge gap of the topic under discussion – the causes and consequences of rural urban migration.

Similarly, the Kachin and the Kuki-Chin groups followed separate routes of migration. This is why there is a vast variety of dialects within the Kirata family and the roots of lin­guistic heterogeneity go far beyond the Indian borders into the neighbouring parts of Tibet, Myanmar and Indo-China. Anthropologists as well as linguists believe that the Austric-speaking groups came earlier than the Dravidian-speaking communities. The Austric speech communities were already there in the mid-Indian region before the advent of the Dravidian. The present geography of the Austric dialect groups holds some clues to the historical processes of their diffusion into India.

Essay on library in tamil

essay on library in tamil


essay on library in tamilessay on library in tamilessay on library in tamilessay on library in tamil