Bedroom descriptive essay

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Descriptive Bedroom Setting

As I walk down the hall leading to my room I hear strange noises coming from my room. I stop at the door to my room and think about how crazy it's been living there. Its been hectic living in the same room with two brothers when the room is not gargantuan. It’s almost as if my room has been separated into three sections so that my brothers and I have separate areas for our own belongings. I finally walk in and its like stepping into a disaster zone.

The noises coming out of three different stereos at once is twisted together to make a mix of KoRn, Doors, and Weird Al. My younger brother's section of the room is like a jungle with clothes all over and his hamster running all around. My older brother’s section is just scary to me because he has his lava lamp going all the time and he is always having what I call his own little seance. My section of the room is freaky because it is actually clean most of the time and I think of myself as being messy. The strange thing about the music coming from our stereos is that it fits each section of my room.

The walls and ceiling are the only two things we do not divide between ourselves. On two walls there are posters of our favorite sports teams ranging from the Yankees to the Bills. On the other two walls there are posters of each of our favorite bands ranging from Nirvana to Red Hot Chili Peppers. I actually do have one part of a wall with only Kurt D. Cobain and Nirvana pictures which has things written on it saying “it was a murder, not a K@#!% suicide. On the ceiling are X-Files posters and hanging from the ceiling are model airplanes.

The beds and dressers are on opposite sides of the room. There are two bunk beds and the other bed that is on the floor slides under the bunk beds. The three dressers are three different sizes. My younger brother has the smallest dresser, I have the middle sized dresser, and my older has the largest sized dresser. The closet is divided into three sections just like most of the things in my room.

There are all kinds of different things in my room that is mine and my brothers’....

Bedroom descriptive essay

bedroom descriptive essay


bedroom descriptive essaybedroom descriptive essaybedroom descriptive essaybedroom descriptive essay