Abstract research paper example apa

Research paper abstract is simply everything about your research paper, but in brief. This is the more reason why it is always best to write the abstract when you are through with writing the whole research paper. Also keep in mind the precise format of the abstract. In most cases, the abstract will not exceed a page or a certain word limit will be given. Limiting your abstract to about half a page is not easy. But it will help your paper achieve its purpose by leading your readers into the depths of your research. For more research paper tips on writing the abstract, see research paper writing service .

48 randomised controlled trials (6674 participants, 15 comparisons) were included. Lithium was more effective than placebo in reducing the number of suicides (odds ratio , 95% confidence interval to ) and deaths from any cause (, to ). No clear benefits were observed for lithium compared with placebo in preventing deliberate self harm (, to ). In unipolar depression, lithium was associated with a reduced risk of suicide (, to ) and also the number of total deaths (, to ) compared with placebo. When lithium was compared with each active individual treatment a statistically significant difference was found only with carbamazepine for deliberate self harm. Lithium tended to be generally better than the other active comparators, with small statistical variation between the results.

Abstract research paper example apa

abstract research paper example apa


abstract research paper example apaabstract research paper example apaabstract research paper example apaabstract research paper example apa